I recently frequested Poundland. It’s truly amazing what you can buy for a pound when you rummage around. It’s by all means a recession proof brand. But whatever you do, don’t their bike locks. The key and lock broke in myhands (a thiefs dream!). I think I was expecting too much from a Poundland lock….


Apple ipad

State of the art genius or merley a slightly glorified itouch. I know which way I’m swaying with no phone option or camera…

Join and influence the brand

My objective

 To develop a brand out of nothing and for nothing with the power to influence all other brands thanks to the power of you and I.

 Your contribution

 To achieve this I need as many people as possible to follow me either via my blog, twitter or Facebook and you to tell your friends. And if you’d like share your opinion…

My contribution

Review as many brands as possible. This can be anything from Nike and Coke to Poundland and McDonald’s. In sharing my opinion I hope you’ll also share yours…


 We can harness the power to shape and shift the perception of brands.

 ..but remember, I need as many of you as possible, and ultimately we can create our very own brand.

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